Tick, Tick...BOOM


“Steele’s intense and honest performance stands out.”


“..Steele clearly feels deeply and the heights of this passion are palpable throughout.”


-          Robert Montenegro, DC Metro Theater Arts

“Lou Steele commands the stage with his fantastic portrayal of Jon”


-          Elliot Lanes, MD Theatre Guide

"Lou Steele…gives what one might call a tour-de-force performance. “

-         Jennifer Perry , Broadway World, DC




“Lou Steele..was simultaneously hilarious and sincere. Both his emotional depth and his ease and comfort onstage were impressive.”

-         Julieanna Novak, MD Theatre Guide


Marry Me A Little

“Steele…has a beautifully trained, Broadway-ready voice that would be a tremendous asset to any theatre company in the area that produces musicals “

-Jennifer Perry , DC Theatre Scene